Project Summary
Project Summary
Client: The Irish Heritage Trust
Architect: AXO Architects
Location: Roscommon, Ireland
Value: €3.5m

Strokestown Park House located in Roscommon is a historic attraction comprised of a Georgian Palladian Mansion, the National Famine Museum and 100 acres of gardens and woodland. This project involves a retrofit of current facilities to transform current offerings into a new state-of-the-art National Famine Museum with the potential to create immersive visitor experiences. IN2 has been appointed to provide M&E design and Environmental Analysis.

The project includes an extension and refurbishment works to the existing visitors centre, including the extension of the café area and creation of an outdoor terrace, and the development of a new visitor centre within the existing courtyard. In addition, extension and refurbishment work will be undertaken on the stable building, including a new lobby, upgrading of toilet facilities and the conversion of the existing ground floor stables into an event space, and upgrade to the existing car park facility.

The environmental and energy analysis undertaken was based on drawings of the existing house and data gathered from an extensive survey undertaken by IN2. Adapting the UK National Trust Environmental Policy guidelines for historical houses, the predicted hourly annual temperature and relative humidity found that ideal conditions were only achieved for 48% of the year. In order to prevent damage to the fabric and contents of the existing building, it is recommended preventative measures should be undertaken to protect against fluctuations and extremes in relative humidity.

Strokestown Park Aerial Photo with photo keith nolan

Our Sustainability strategy will result in 15% carbon reduction for the building


This deep retrofit transform the space to improve the environmental conditions and to protect the historic building

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IN2 investigated three optional strategies to improve the environmental conditions and to protect the historic building and its contents. The chosen strategy involved a “Conservation Heating” strategy, whilst the focus of the heating installation upgrade is to ensure protection of the building fabric, this will also result in an overall 15% carbon reduction for the building.

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