IN2 Academy

IN2 Academy

For over 15 years, The IN2 Academy has shaped the early careers of engineers across the UK and Ireland.

For 12 weeks every year the Academy offers placement students and recent graduates the opportunity to learn about our innovative solutions used on real world projects, from the team of engineers who actually delivered them. The Academy not only covers technical subjects but also includes communication and client service skills - essential to excelling as a professional engineer.

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Building the next generation of engineers

The construction industry today is still suffering from the ill effects of the recession. Young people were discouraged from construction-related courses, choosing to follow careers in IT or Finance.

At IN2 we realise that investing in young graduate engineers is not only the future of the company, but also for ensuring development within the wider engineering profession.

The IN2 Academy provides an invaluable opportunity for graduate and student engineers to develop a well-rounded skillset, which is essential to excelling as professional engineers in a range of technical subjects and best-practice soft skills.

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From Academy to Director

Many of our Engineering team initially joined the IN2 Academy and have continued to progress in their roles and develop a successful career with IN2.

Graeme Parker joined in 2004 as an Intern Mechanical Engineer and has successfully progressed his career to reach Director level with IN2.

"When starting in IN2 over 15 years ago, I was an undergraduate in my last year in Bolton St. It was quite a shock to go from purely theoretical work to practical ‘on-the-job’ engineering. The structured tutoring process put in place by the IN2 Directors really brought the subjects to life in a way theoretical learning never could.”

In 2021 twelve students and graduates completed The IN2 Academy across our UK and Ireland offices. We look forward to welcoming new recruits to the IN2 Academy 2022.

Hear it from our students...

“I came straight from Ulster University where I studied Architectural Engineering. IN2 Engineering gives me the chance to showcase what I learnt in University and become the Best Mechanical Engineer I can be. The In2 Academy is where I can learn from real-world situations and ask for help and advice with all aspects of M&E and Professional development.”

Kevin Hughes – Graduate Mechanical Engineer - Belfast

"The Academy IN2 highlights how concepts that are taught in lectures are applied to actual building design. The topics taught in the IN2 academy covered different stages that occur throughout the design process. I found this a really helpful way to learn what aspects of the design the other teams in IN2 completed. The academy also provided the opportunity to learn soft skills that are required to succeed in the workplace. It was great to learn from members of the team who had so much experience working in building services"

Caoimhe McCann – Environmental Engineer Intern - Dublin

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The IN2 Academy. Building the next generation of Engineers.