IN2 Light

IN2 Light

Lighting design tailored for unique spaces.

IN2 work closely with clients to understand the aesthetic objectives which bespoke lighting design can help achieve. Through careful design, IN2 can establish the personality of a building and make spaces better for people.

As a service, IN2 Light offers lighting design tailored for any building project.

Lighting simulations are undertaken using a 3-D recreation of the surrounding area, simulating all lighting concepts to ensure the lighting design is responding to the brief, without compromising any potential conservation or light pollution requirements. The results from our light simulations will road test IN2’s design proposal, ensuring minimum design Illumination levels does not have a negligible impact on
the surrounding environment, in compliance with design criterion for obtrusive light.

Selected Case Studies

Ballymun Student Residential

IN2 approached the lighting design for this project to establish the building as a modern and stylish student accommodation. IN2’s design will incorporate the latest LED technology in order to ensure a low-energy lighting installation with minimal maintenance requirements.

Tuam Cathedral

The previous lighting in Tuam Cathedral was installed on the stone columns in a disorderly manner which obstructed these original features with no options for ‘scene setting’. IN2’s new solution installed to highlight the original ornate ceiling of the Cathedral while showcasing the detail of the stone column. All designs were approached with conserving the building while highlighting original features of the Cathedral.

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<p>IN2 Light is IN2’s dedicated lighting design service, we work closely with clients to bring their ideas to light.</p>
In summary:

IN2 Light is IN2’s dedicated lighting design service, we work closely with clients to bring their ideas to light.

Benefits of using IN2 Light:

IN2’s in-house experts have experience on a range of projects across multiple sectors. This includes the award-winning Trinity Business School and EPIC Ireland.