Project Summary
Project Summary
Client: Dublin Airport Authority / Collen Construction
Architect: BKD Architects
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Value: €200m
Completion Date: May-2023

About the Project

The Hold Baggage System (HBS) Upgrade at Dublin Airport was successfully completed in May 2023 resulting in improved security, increased capacity and full compliance with incoming international security regulations. This €200 million project was deployed over a four year period which included upgrading more than 14 kilometres of conveyor belts and the overall baggage system.

As well as providing the mechanical and electrical infrastructure requirements of the HBS system, the project also involved the extensive renovation and alteration of the airport baggage halls and the construction of a new Baggage Control Building that includes support spaces, staff areas, control rooms etc. IN2 carried out the full MEP design for the entire project which also included works to the airport’s main electrical infrastructure.

As always, IN2 will use a low energy approach to the project design to ensure reduced carbon and energy usage where possible. IN2 used a range of solutions including the use of Air Source Heat Pumps, low energy lighting and natural ventilation. All these solutions were possible due to our comprehensive Environmental Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Hold Baggage Screening HBS 2

This €200 million project was deployed over a four year period which included upgrading more than 14km of conveyor belts and the overall baggage system.

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The average time it takes for a passenger to receive their luggage at Dublin Airport is now amongst the lowest in Europe.

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Due to the successful delivery of this project, Dublin Airport is now positioned to be one of the top major airports in Europe and beyond.

IN2 are thrilled to have been part of the Collen team to deliver this momentous project for Dublin Airport. Thank you to our team who worked so hard on this project and we look forward to many more projects with Collen Construction and Dublin Airport.

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M&E Design
Daylight / Sunlight Analysis
Dynamic Thermal Modelling
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