Beaumont Hospital Theatre 13

12th December 2023
Beaumont Hospital Theatre 13

The day of delivery has came for the modules which will be used for the creation of a cutting-edge hybrid theatre for Beaumont Hospital T13.

The modules made their way from Magherafelt to the Hospitals Dublin premises with a strategic plan implemented to insure their safe and timely delivery. As the Design Team Lead for this transformative project, IN2 played a pivotal role in steering the design and coordination efforts. Our close collaboration with other design team members was instrumental in seamlessly integrating all systems and components into the overarching design, while ensuring strict adherence to regulatory requirements and safety standards.

At the forefront of IN2's responsibilities is the oversight of the mechanical and electrical design aspects of the project. This includes the meticulous design of ventilation and air conditioning systems, electrical power and lighting systems, as well as medical gas systems.

In our commitment to efficiency and regulatory compliance, IN2 used innovative and energy-efficient technologies into the design. Adopting a modular build approach added an extra layer of complexity, necessitating careful coordination and integration of multiple components and systems.

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Working in tandem with other members of the design and delivery team, IN2 ensured the seamless integration of modular build components into the overall design. Our contribution extended to providing comprehensive design specifications, calculations, and drawings, along with conducting regular site inspections to guarantee compliance with all relevant regulations and standards.

In essence, IN2's mechanical and electrical engineering design has not only equipped the Beaumont Hospital Hybrid Theatre with state of the art technologies but also ensured full compliance with regulatory and safety requirements. The incorporation of modular construction techniques underscores IN2's adaptability to the dynamic needs of the healthcare sector, delivering innovative solutions that cater to both healthcare providers and patients.

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