Project Summary
Project Summary
Client: Beaumont Hospital
Location: Beaumont, Dublin, Ireland
Value: €7.5m

About the Project

The Beaumont Hospital Theatre 13 project involves the design and build of a new hybrid theatre for the hospital. As the Design Team Lead for the Beaumont Hospital Hybrid Theatre project, IN2 played a crucial role in leading the design and coordination process. This involved working closely with other design team members to ensure that all systems and components were integrated seamlessly into the overall design, while also ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and safety standards.

IN2's design team is responsible for overseeing the mechanical and electrical design of the project, including the design of ventilation and air conditioning systems, electrical power and lighting systems, and medical gas systems.

To ensure maximum efficiency and compliance with all relevant regulations, IN2 incorporated innovative and energy-efficient technologies into the design. The project also involved a modular build approach, which required careful coordination and integration of multiple components and systems.

IN2 worked closely with other members of the design and delivery team to ensure that the modular build components were integrated seamlessly into the overall design. IN2 also provided detailed design specifications, calculations, and drawings, and conducted regular site inspections to ensure compliance with all relevant regulations and standards.

Overall, IN2's mechanical and electrical engineering design ensured that the Beaumont Hospital Hybrid Theatre is equipped with the latest technologies and met all necessary regulatory and safety requirements. The use of modular construction techniques further demonstrates IN2's ability to adapt to the evolving needs of the healthcare sector and deliver innovative solutions that meet the needs of healthcare providers and patients alike.

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During the construction process of the hybrid theatre the integration required careful planning and coordination to ensure that the new systems were compatible with the existing systems and that they could work together seamlessly.

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Our previous experience working with Beaumont Hospital provides the confidence that we possess the knowledge to deliver their modern healthcare facilities.

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As the Design Team Lead, IN2 is responsible for coordinating and managing the design and delivery team. This involves ensuring that all team members are working collaboratively towards a shared goal, providing regular updates on progress, and ensuring that the project is delivered within budget and on schedule.

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