Project Summary
Project Summary
Client: Finchley Reform Synagogue
Architect: McAdam Design
Location: Finchley, London, England
Value: £4.5m

About the Project

The Finchley Reform Synagogue development located in a suburb of North London will create a new-build, contemporary space for people to gather as a community. Upon completion, the Synagogue will host a variety of facilities to include space for worship, a youth hall, dedicated sanctuary, foyer, toilets, kitchen, kindergarten, external play area, storage space, new administration offices, and meeting rooms.

IN2 was appointed in 2020 to provide Mechanical, Electrical, and Environmental services on this project.

Systems and components for the Finchley Reform Synagogue have been designed and selected on a low-maintenance, low-energy and high-efficiency approach, to ensure ongoing operational costs are minimised throughout the building and associated systems’ life cycles. IN2’s strategy has involved employing natural ventilation as the primary source of ventilation via automated window and louvre openings to the building as a successful means of ensuring low energy systems. Through the use of Dynamic Simulation Modelling IN2 can accurately simulate the building, and prove the natural ventilation strategy.

Heating will be provided by a high-efficiency heat pump located on the roof of the building. Under-floor heating manifolds located on both ground and first-floor areas will allow the building to be zoned per floor and also by building area. Individual temperature control will be provided to each space, monitored and adjusted via a Building Management Systems.
Finchley Reform Synagogue 1 Worship Space

A new state-of-the-art energy efficient synagogue designed to achieve BREEAM certification

Finchley Reform Synagogue 3 Exterior

Creating a modern worship space to a growing community of people

Synagogue Foyer 1
Finchley Reform Synagogue 4 Model
B2015 Finchley Reform Synagogue Natural Ventilation Report Rev 05 FULL FOR RECORDS
B2015 Finchley Reform Synagogue 5 Natural Ventilation Report Rev 01
B2015 Finchley Reform Synagogue Natural Ventilation Report Rev 05 FULL FOR RECORDS
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M&E Design
Dynamic Thermal Modelling
New Build