Project Summary
Project Summary
Client: Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust
Location: Essex, England
Value: £11.9m
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About the Project

IN2 was commissioned by the Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust to Provide an in-depth analysis of the energy usage on their Basildon Hospital site, to assess how energy was being used and whether there were opportunities for reducing energy consumption and improving resilience.

After establishing an energy profile for the Basildon site, the Energy performance was benchmarked and compared against CIBSE best practice guidelines for hospitals. Detailed energy analysis was produced for each building, benchmarked and compared against the Health Estates Performance Indicator Benchmarks (PIB’s) for different hospital building types.

The critical care nature of the hospital dictated that the failure of any energy generating system was not an option. IN2 presented to the Trust, various on-site energy generation technologies suitable for an acute healthcare environment with options assessed in terms of operational costs, maintenance implications and payback analysis and whole life cost.

IN2’s analysis confirmed that substantial operational savings could be achieved by replacing the entire steam network with a modern thermal system with increased system efficiencies and lower operating temperatures. The enhanced benefit of “de-steaming” the hospital site and lowering the system operating temperature is that it becomes feasible to thermally integrate the CHP plant.

Based on analysis findings Basildon’s final agreed solution was to install a 20.4MW of modern Dual Fuel modular Double Stack LTHW boiler plant and a 2,000kWe gas-fired CHP.

Basildon 2

3,000 Tonnes of CO2 annual savings helping achieve the Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust Carbon Management Plan targets

Basildon 4

IN2’s new design will bring yearly savings of £1.68m across the site

Basildon 6
Basildon 1

Key energy-saving measures identified from IN2’s strategy for on-site energy generation and energy reduction findings were included in the Trusts energy centre business case for Basildon and Broomfield Hospital. This resulted in our client being successful and was subsequently granted the single biggest funding award to the Trust.

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