Project Summary
Project Summary
Client: Balbriggan Garda Station
Location: Balbriggan, Co. Dublin
Value: Confidential

About the Project

IN2 were appointed to undertake an Energy Upgrade Analysis as well as carrying out a full M&E survey report for the proposed refurbishment of Balbriggan Garda Station, Co. Dublin.

All possible solutions were reviewed and analysed along with the energy savings which included potential fabric improvements such as, wall insulation upgrade, roof insulation upgrade and glazing upgrade. It was concluded if all measures were undertaken together, this would greatly improve the thermal performance of the building, reducing the energy demand for space heating.

Service improvement measures and renewable technologies were also evaluated including, Air Source Heat Pump Space heating system, new lighting and controls and the use of Photovoltaic Panels.

Two combinations of proposed improvements were then analysed; the first included all the Fabric and Building Services measures, which was found to achieve an A3 BER rating, with estimated energy cost savings of 56%. The second combination included PV arrays to the roof in addition to the fabric and service control measures included in the first combination. It was determined that an A2 BER rating could be achievable for the building incorporating all proposals assessed, equating to an energy cost saving of 63%. It is anticipated that further carbon emission reductions could be achieved over time as electricity generation from the national grid becomes less carbon intensive.

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When complete, it's estimated this building will emit 63% less carbon

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