We've Submitted our BCorp Assessment

26th January 2023
We've Submitted our BCorp Assessment

IN2 are proud to announce we have submitted an initial company assessment to B Corporation.

IN2 are committed to Sustainability, which is demonstrated through our sustainable and energy efficient engineering designs. However, with the rise in ESG being discussed and dissected by the industry we wanted to do something meaningful to improve our impact on environmental, social and governance issues as a company.

First, we formed an ESG Committee consisting of five people across different offices and departments, both engineering and support staff. Research was undertaken by the group to find a measurable and impactful way of making meaningful change. B Corp was voted as the chosen method to employ these changes in a measurable structured way.

What is BCorp?

BCorp is an ESG Accreditation, to become a certified B Corp businesses must go through a rigorous certification process which measures their entire social and environmental performance. Once certified it will show that a company is meeting high standards of verified accountability and transparency on factors from employee benefits and charitable giving to supply chain practices and raw materials.

In order to achieve the certification, a company must:

  • Complete the assessment
  • Meet the legal requirements
  • Exhibit full transparency

What’s next?

Now that IN2 have submitted the initial assessment, we must score 80 points or more to become certified. There will be a B Corp assessor assigned to our company and we will need to produce evidence and demonstrate how we hit the targets specified by B Corp, watch this space!