See you in 2022: The IN2 Academy

01st September 2021
See you in 2022: The IN2 Academy

As we reach the end of the summer, the IN2 Academy wraps up until next year. This year we welcomed 7 students and 5 graduates to the Academy. Also, by live streaming the sessions, this meant everyone in the company, no matter their job or department, could join remotely.

This year, as always, the Academy focused on technical and industry specific topics, such as, Daylight/Sunlight Strategies, Substations & Switchrooms, Plantroom Sizing, Psychrometrics etc.

In addition to these topics, students learn best-practice soft skills such as, time management, meeting etiquette, minute taking, contract management etc. This means all our recruits develop a well-rounded skillset, which is essential to excelling as professional engineers.

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From Academy to Director

Many of our Engineering team initially joined the IN2 Academy and have continued to progress in their roles and develop a successful career with IN2.

Graeme Parker joined in 2004 as an Intern Mechanical Engineer and has successfully progressed his career to reach Director level with IN2.

Graeme said, “When starting in IN2 over 15 years ago, I was an undergraduate in my last year in Bolton St. It was quite a shock to go from purely theoretical work to practical ‘on-the-job’ engineering. The structured tutoring process put in place by the IN2 Directors really brought the subjects to life in a way theoretical learning never could.”

The Class of 2021

Some of this year's Academy students will be returning to College or University to finish their degrees while our recent Graduates will continue their journey with IN2. Find out what they had to say about their experience with the Academy…

"The variety and the quality of the information being presented in such an interactive way is, what I believe, makes the Academy so successful." James Clancy, Engineering Intern

"The Academy is where I can learn from real-world situations and ask for advice on all aspects of M&E and professional development." Kevin Hughes, Mechanical Engineer

"It's a unique and valuable opportunity at IN2, where senior engineers and directors pass on their invaluable experience and knowledge to new engineers." Burdain Abdulkreem, Engineering Intern

Building the Next Generation of Engineers

Thank you to everyone who was involved in the IN2 Academy, especially our Directors and Associate Directors who ran sessions for our students and graduates. This included, Barry Flynn, David Walshe, William O’Donnell, Tim Jago, James Redmond, Graeme Parker, Will White and Ian Carroll. We also wish good luck to all our new graduates in their careers at IN2 and to those going back into education.

At IN2 we realise that investing in young engineers is not only the future of our company, but also the wider engineering profession. We look forward to welcoming new students and graduates to the IN2 Academy 2022!