Airflow Simulation & its Critical Role for the Future of Workplaces

23rd August 2021
Airflow Simulation & its Critical Role for the Future of Workplaces

Over the last year how we live, and work has changed considerably. While normality continues to return with people coming back to their offices and meeting inside, indoor air quality has never been more important.

At IN2 we have combined 3 fundamental principles of design in our approach to safer indoor spaces for everyone. These include; Natural ventilation to maximise fresh air; displacement ventilation to minimise air mixing; and exhaust air to prevent cross contamination.

By utilising Airflow Simulation, we undertake analyses and implement bespoke strategies for our clients. These are key for the safety of workplaces and other public spaces during the pandemic and for the future.

What is Airflow Simulation?

At IN2 we perform Airflow Simulation in-house, using state-of-the-art Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) techniques. Originally developed for the aeronautical industry as an alternative to wind tunnel testing, this technology can now be applied when assessing building performance.

We present results in a clear graphical manner, using flow visualisation and animation. CFD enables graphical displaying of coloured contours, vectors, and streamlines, allowing complex airflow phenomena to be visualised and understood. The results of the analysis can be used to inform strategy and the positioning of seating for building users.

The Alternative Workplace

Employers should still consider the risk from the airborne transmission of the Covid-19 virus in poorly ventilated indoor spaces, particularly if individuals are in the same room together for an extended time.

Ventilation should therefore be considered as an important part of the Covid-19 mitigation strategy. This should include how a space is ventilated and the strategy to ensure the ventilation is adequate.

By performing Airflow Simulation at IN2 in-house, we can propose a complete and effective strategy for ventilation to create and ensure safe spaces for all.

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